I’m back (to my dark-blackened-old site)

September 22, 2006

Finally, my old data restored and i managed to make it up in my new domain rizahnst.org. I wiill leave this blog alone after this, it must be a great experience to use this blog with wp 2 engine. Well, i plan to upgrade my old blog to this version of wp, which is fortunately with akismet is so good to handle spam.

To you my friends, gentle readers, peoples jumped here by search engine nor anybodies who lost here, i moved to rizahnst.org. I will leave rizahnst.afraid.org referenced to this blog to remember how important it in my cyber life and as a key for you if you want to reach me since i am moved to new domain. It was a lot of sad and fun memories with it. Unforgettable!


Studio update 3 by Dani Filth

September 15, 2006

P.S. Since writing this i have been subject to more eerie manifestations. Last night, i’d just had my delicious cup of rain forest herbal tea (for the ailment) and taken my pills and then as normal settled down to sleep with half a valium, the Frankenstein soundtrack floating somewhere in the background and teddy to keep me warm, when all of a sudden there it was… the same child’s wind up toy that both Sarah and Dan had experienced earlier in the week, but this time tinkling away in my room. I leapt out of bed and ran to Rob’s room to try and catch him out (after all, i suspected all along that it was him planting the bloody thing somewhere in the numerable cupboards, as he alone hasn’t heard it), but low and behold, he’s on the phone and looks even more startled than me, especially as i’m in the nude.

I have to admit, i was a little freaked out and having explored every conceivable cubby hole available, conceded the inevitable… we were being haunted. Rob is now eagerly awaiting his ‘turn’ on the phantom, as am I, just to have someone else experience the oddity and the sensation of having all the hairs on your arm standing to frigid, rigid attention.
Ghost-watch here we come!

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It’s a rainy day

September 15, 2006

pagi ini di medan hujan gerimis, lumayan dingin. Beberapa hari ini emang dah hujan aja di medan, well, the rainy day is coming…

while we are in september, my memories flying back and flashing a song, November Rain, its such a long, since last time i hear that song, a slashing song…

captured from gweather 2.12.3, id localized.

Welcome back cdnix…!

September 14, 2006

Its such a months ago after cdnix gone grounded, now i announce you that cdnix is back, with same face and aim, fortunately one think i want to inform you that we will serve you with a new payment method, yes, you can pay the invoice after you receive the package, but, it will be in Indonesia only.

So, if you need a copy of *nix cd, you better try us… You have been warned ! 🙂

the champion is good, the third is great!!!

September 11, 2006

yes, pada siaran langsung motogp kemarin, kembali lagi seperti biasa, susul menyusul dan saling tekan menjadi tontonan yang sangat menghibur di sirkuit sepang malaysia, kelihatan kalo motor ducati nya capirossi masih dominan, namun tikungan-tikungan di sepang membuat capirossi harus menyadari kalo tingkatnya masih di bawah rossi.

Yang sangat menarik adalah bagaimana daniel pedrosa mampu finish di posisi 3. Walaupun aku gak terlalu memperhatikan si pedrosa ini, tapi yang aku tau, dia baru aja operasi lutut karena jatuh pas latihan sebelumnya, untuk naek motornya aja dia sangat kesulitan, juga waktu finish kelihatan kalo jalannya aja susah, masih pincang dan masih takut-takut. Tapi apa yang ditunjukkan pedrosa dengan keadaan yang payah tapi masih bisa podium benar benar perlu diambil pelajaran yang baiknya, daya juangnya itu luar biasa.

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Welcome Vettel!

September 9, 2006

BMW Sauber must be lucky as a team in the end of this 2006 F1 session. Their progress is always good and i enjoy to know how their young racer compete at the circuit, especially for the new Friday man Sebastian Vettel, who was first time at F1 car.

Sebastian Vettel

In hungaria and turkey before, kubica has show impressive performance in the race session where he beat his more senior team mate heidfeld, while vettel 19-years-old Friday-man-rookie is great in the practice session. This all make competition between young racer will be more awaiting and worth to see at the circuit. I as one of F1 fans, really love to see a rookie or first time or first year racer compete against others in the race. It’s really entertaining and amazing to see how senior overtake by first year or cannot overtaking the rookie. While podium is far away, but get some point is really possible to come true.

Well, i really looking forward for tomorrow race at monza italy, since motogp also race in sepang malaysia, then this weekend must be great for staying at home watching live from monza and sepang on the tv.

GNOME 2.16 Released!

September 8, 2006

The GNOME desktop is now faster and easier to configure than ever before. Learn more about this release through the GNOME 2.16 start page and the detailed release notes.