here it come!


It’s a quite long time since my last blog grounded. It’s a sad, frustation, but life must be go on. In may 2006, i lost my job at cdl2000, which i was placed in hosting department as a system engineer, the job i did remotely from medan to maintain and admin three servers co-located at which in usa, north america.

Nothing wrong with my work result but sadly the company, which is a small, home company running out money, so efficiency must be done immediately or the company will get more difficult to run the services. Since my contract is over in may 2005, then it didn’t renewed. So it just finish too for a few site that i (free) hosted there, including my 5 years web site

Before i leave, i have backup all, so maybe someday later, it will up and running again, i hope. There are some memories there that i don’t want to forget, a fun and sad memories.

So here i am, with the new blog address, but i still looking forward to make it as, i’ll check it at later for more info about this. I try to find out if this site can hold my old data to restore, but it seems not possible right now, maybe later, we will see.


Today (09/08/2006) i pointed to this blog, unfortunately i still can’t restore my elder data here,… maybe later…

Update: 22/09/2006 22:02

Finally my dark-blackened-old data restored, it just so much fun for me to see it up again, you can check it out at my new domain

For now and beyond, i must thanks to for their kind to provide us with this free blog space… 🙂


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