Studio update 3 by Dani Filth

P.S. Since writing this i have been subject to more eerie manifestations. Last night, i’d just had my delicious cup of rain forest herbal tea (for the ailment) and taken my pills and then as normal settled down to sleep with half a valium, the Frankenstein soundtrack floating somewhere in the background and teddy to keep me warm, when all of a sudden there it was… the same child’s wind up toy that both Sarah and Dan had experienced earlier in the week, but this time tinkling away in my room. I leapt out of bed and ran to Rob’s room to try and catch him out (after all, i suspected all along that it was him planting the bloody thing somewhere in the numerable cupboards, as he alone hasn’t heard it), but low and behold, he’s on the phone and looks even more startled than me, especially as i’m in the nude.

I have to admit, i was a little freaked out and having explored every conceivable cubby hole available, conceded the inevitable… we were being haunted. Rob is now eagerly awaiting his ‘turn’ on the phantom, as am I, just to have someone else experience the oddity and the sensation of having all the hairs on your arm standing to frigid, rigid attention.
Ghost-watch here we come!

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