Ok, let me try…!!!

First of all, my name is ahmad riza hamongan nasution, yes its fairly a long name, thanks to my parents. You can find a bit about me at google here and here, most are about my contributions at l10n gnome, an open source project.

For now i live in medan, indonesia, simpang limun thats exactly the region where i stay. I work at Lintas Buana Indonesia, just another isp in medan city. I like my job and i do it well.

If you jump over here looking for rizahnst.afraid.org, then you are in the right place but in the wrong time… yes, it’s me, but i need to tell you a bit story about what i mean about “the wrong time”, you can read here, just relax, it won’t hurt you…

update, 22/09/2006 21:50

well, a few days ago i’m back to recover my old rizahnst.afraid.org data and also i registered a new domain for my self rizahnst.org which is up and running now hosted by bisnisweb.com, i’m very happy bout my old data and the domain.

the rest is coming…


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